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Thursday, August 26, 2004

"Kids for Kerry"

"We cannot vote yet, but we should have a voice today! That is why we have created  We have learned our ABCs and we believe that John Kerry represents our best hope for a peaceful and hopeful future."

(Anyone else nauseated yet?)

No, you can't vote yet...and unless you're an older teen who's actually working a job and paying taxes, I really don't care what you think. Or, more accurately, what your idiot liberal parents think. Clue: "it's for da chyyyylllldrruuuun" doesn't cut any ice with me. Those "social services" Mummy and Daddy are yammering for come straight out of my all-too-scanty paycheck. If they want you to learn something in school, perhaps they should teach you to read and not use the TV as a babysitter. And if they want other people's kydz to do the same, perhaps they should STFU about "social responsibility" and start advocating for personal responsibility.

Incidentally, Vice-President Cheney does NOT need a "time-out." Maybe this is news to you, given how Mummy and Daddy cater to you, but there are things adults are allowed to do that children are NOT. Such as use curse words. Or stay up past eight or nine o'clock. Or attend weddings or go out to nice restaurants (though I wouldn't have a problem with you doing so if your doting pahruntz taught you how to behave properly in such places). At least that's how it was, once upon a time.

And children who crossed the line did not get some wussy touchy-feely "time-out." They got a spanking. In case you don't know what that is because your Mummy and Daddy can't be bothered to discipline you, that means you were put over their lap and they smacked your little butt until you cried. Too bad there isn't more of that today. Perhaps I'd see fewer of you running around supermarkets and other public places screeching like chimpanzees while your dimwitted parents chanted, "Sierra and Hunter, stop that, or I will give you a time-out," to no avail.

Most adults with common sense, UNLIKE your pahruntz, do not want Kerry in the White House. They do not want a president who will conduct a "sensitive and thoughtful war." They want a grown-up in that job who knows that life isn't fair, and that because not everyone in the world has been taught to play nice and share and all that stuff you learned in kindergarten, sometimes you need to stand up and fight for what you want and what you need.

As a friend of mine put it, "Blaaaaaaargh! Why is it that the most revolting aspect of any politician is his supporters?"

Back in 1992, Wyche Fowler, then Democrat Senator from Georgia, rebuffed a bunch of "student activists" who wanted to meet with him with, "Students don't vote. Do you expect me to come in here and kiss your ass?"

Shortly thereafter Fowler ceased to be the Democrat Senator from Georgia. It's safe to say that the remark wasn't very diplomatic of him. But these days, when ten-year-olds are taken seriously as "education activists," I find his attitude refreshing.

Note in the article I just linked to in the above paragraph that the li'l lobbyist refers to her mother as her "personal chaperone." I'm not sure which bugs me more: that Mrs. Thorpe encourages and permits her young daughter to aggrandize herself and diminish her mother in that way, or that the CSM reporter never really questions the mother's insistence that it's the girl herself who truly wants to live a hectic and admittedly "not normal" lifestyle.

Lily Thorpe is an annoying child all on her own, no doubt. But I've seen far too many yupbreeders, especially here in the Boston area, who overschedule and overpressure their offspring so that they, the parents, can live vicariously through the kids' hyperachievements. 
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