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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Academia Nuts

I just got this notice of events in Boston (never mind that the page header says "Events in Washington," or that some of the events actually happen in cyberspace or on television) from The Teaching Company. In my more solvent days, I ordered a few videos and CDs from them, respectively on the English language and on prehistoric humans in Eurasia.

I had just made a mental note to keep an eye out in the library for Cultural Intermediaries: Jewish Intellectuals in Early Modern Italy by David B. Ruderman when I noticed that John Esposito, who has just released The Islamic World: Past and Present, is also a Teaching Company professor. Charles Johnson has aptly described Esposito as "an apologist for militant Islam."

The Teaching Company's events page also breathlessly describes the "beauty" of the current exhibit on Islamic calligraphy at Boston's Sackler Museum. As the Sackler is affiliated with Harvard, I doubt we'll learn which Qu'ranic verses are immortalized in said calligraphy, such as the one deeming a woman's testimony to count half as much as a man's in court, or the ones about killing infidels.

Unable to resist, I just emailed their customer service department and asked, "Just you carry any books on Islam by Bernard Lewis or Daniel Pipes?

"Thought not." 

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