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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

A few ounces of flesh from the RIAA

In today's snail-mail:

"February, 2004

"Dear Massachusetts Music Purchaser:

"As Attorney General for the State of Massachusetts, I am pleased to enclose payment for your claim in the settlement of the Compact Disc Minimum Advertised Price Antitrust Litigation. This lawsuit was brought by the Attorneys General of 43 states and three territories and by counsel for Private Class Plaintiffs on behalf of purchasers of music CDs. In accordance with the terms of the court-approed settlement, payment is being made to music purchasers who filed a valid and timely claim.

"Whether you filed your claim online at the settlement web site,, or by mail, the attached payment represents full payment of your portion of the Settlement. Please note that the attached payment instrument must be cashed by May 20, 2004.

"It is a pleasure to bring this matter to a satisfactory conclusion and to return value to consumers who purchased CDs while the challenged pricing policies were in effect.

"Tom Reilly
"Attorney General of Massachusetts"


My share of the settlement? A whopping $13.86.

Oh, well, it's a tank of gas....

If you bought a CD, audiocassette, or vinyl album from a retailer, at retail price, between January 1, 1995 and December 22, 2000, and you want in on this deal, ACT NOW! According to this article, you have until Thursday, March 3.

UPDATE: That's March 3, 2003. Sorry if I got anybody's hopes up.
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