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Saturday, November 15, 2003

Vouchers, please. Faster.

This twit teaches pacifism instead of what he was paid to teach ... and the reporter — for a web publication called Teacher Magazine, mind you — practically glows as she describes the crap he gets away with.

(Oh, and scroll down for a look at the photo. Jeeeeezus.)

Some choice quotations:

"At the end of the year," he recalls, "one of the mothers called me up, a little curious—she didn't see her daughter slaving over any homework for my class. She said, 'How did my daughter do in your class?' I said, 'How would I know? I'm her teacher.' 'Did I hear you correctly?' she said. I tried to explain what we were doing. I told her Walker Percy's great line: 'You can earn all A's and go out and flunk life.'


Leaning against the teacher's desk, McCarthy flipped through the stack and read selected excuses aloud: "'I didn't write the paper because I came home late from night school and I forgot— seriously.' 'I didn't write the paper because I am so focused on my other subjects.' 'I didn't write the paper because I didn't desire to do so.'" McCarthy held this page aloft and nodded approvingly. "I admire that."


An elegant- looking teacher in her 40s wandered up and joined the conversation. The truth, she said conspiratorially, is that when you close your classroom door, you're in charge and there's a lot you can get away with. The others nodded in agreement.

Suddenly, the teacher registered with alarm that a reporter's tape recorder was running. She declared that her comments were off the record and abruptly walked away from the group.

The fact that someone like McCarthy wasn't thrown out of the public school system years ago confirms to me that the educational system in this nation is in even deeper trouble than I'd thought. No wonder the NEA is shaking in its shoes at the thought of vouchers. 
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