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Saturday, November 01, 2003

HA! I'm not completely abnormal.

Linked by Women enjoy online erotica, too. And apparently not just us corrupt big-city types, either.

"The editors of Today's Christian Woman, an evangelical magazine, had heard anecdotes of churchgoing women getting hooked on pornography, so they conducted a survey asking readers of their online newsletter if they had intentionally visited porn sites. Thirty-four percent said they had."

[snort] I'm sure those good churchgoing women were just visiting those eeeeevil sites to pray for the poor sinners depicted thereupon who were obviously not enjoying themselves as they fornicated in all those horrid positions, because they knew that De Lawd's retribution was nigh.

Of course, since it's a "family newspaper" based in the Midwest, the Cleveland Plain Dealer must not only promulgate the utterly non-scientific notion that one can become "addicted" to sexual materials, but to end the story with an anti-pr0n quote.

And guess who it's from? Good ol' Donna Rice [now Rice Hughes], Gary Hart's affair with whom led to the destruction of his presidential campaign in '88. She now belongs to an organization "trying to make the Internet safer for families" — in other words, promoting censorship. Note, of course, the common and none-too-subtle implication that those of us who choose not to reproduce don't really belong to a "family." Oh, well, at least she doesn't drag out the old cliché about "for the sake of the chyldrun"...

Oh, wait. Yes, she does. Warning: serious cutesy-poo overkill at her site, as well as a rather rat-like cartoon mouse that hangs onto your cursor. Apparently even the technical people at this site are sadly deficient in clue.

(So, tell me, Miz Hughes...what exactly IS wrong with "sex without children"? Maybe I should send in that donation to Planned Parenthood after all, even though money is short these days...)

Gahhhh. If there's anything I hate more than men trying to control my sexuality, it's other women trying to do so, whether they're self-righteous feminists who know what's best for you (yeah, you know who you are), religiously zealous puritans, uptight "soccer moms," or just plain insecure. 
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