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Wednesday, August 27, 2003
  Hi, welcome to my blog. You may have seen me commenting at a variety of weblogs, mostly right of center, particularly Little Green Footballs (hi, Charles!). If you're acquainted with alt.tasteless, you may recognize my handle from there, where I now post under MizDaisyCutter.

I was gonna keep two blogs, one for political commentary, and one for tasteless and cynical humor, writing the former under this nick and the latter under "MizDaisyCutter." Then I thought....nah. I should pay (well, eventually) for two blogs because you can't take both sides of me? Hey, there are a zillion other blogs out there, and you're bound to like at least a few of them.

And, most of all, I'm so goddamned lazy about doing anything I don't get paid for — not to mention that I'm unemployed right now, and I'm going back to school in a week and a half — that you'll be lucky if I post regularly in one blog, let alone two.

So, if you're a socially conservative or mildly P.C. type who knows me from political weblogs, be aware I'll probably write things that offend you. Not just posts that push the envelope on Blogger's limits on "vulgar" comments (I'm sure I'll have my share of TOSsers because of this), but ones in which my political sensibilities clearly fall on the left side of the fence, such as abortion, gays, and drug use. I'll try to stick a warning on such posts, though, so you can skip them.

EX-B/F FROM FIVE YEARS AGO: You're pretty conservative.
ME: But how can I be conservative if I like bathroom humor and sick jokes and all that?
EX-B/F: Well, you're a juvenile conservative.

Just between you and me, I think would be an URL much better served in the hands of a high-school Republican. 
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